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Anestrus is the final stage of the dog heat cycle, also known as the resting stage. This is the longest phase of a dog’s heat cycle, from 100-150 days, at the end of which the entire heat cycle starts again. How to handle a female dog in heat Never let your dog out in the yard alone: Protect your dog from male dogs and unwanted pregnancy.

From about six months old to through the rest of her life, a female dog will experience estrus, or heat, roughly every six months. This is the period of ti

Dogs in heat need to be treated with care. Do you know how to recognize the signs of a dog in heat? Get informed and be prepared for what's to follow. Top tips.

Female dogs that are not spayed go into season or into heat. These are just some of the symptoms of her being in heat, and if she isn't.

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“Anytime a dog is in heat, assume it's going to be at least a month and keep them away from male dogs during that time,” says Nancy Kelso, DVM,

Dog beds on sale When it comes to dog beds, there is no one size fits all – Great Danes and Chihuahuas have different needs, as do puppies and old-timers. To find the best bed for your dog, you’ll need basic i.

When your female dog is receptive to mating, she is in a stage of her reproductive cycle known as being in “heat.” You can expect this to happen about twice a.

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