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  1. Oak-studded hillsides early
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Glass valleys and oak-studded hillsides early or late in the day where food and water is plentiful. Hogs also frequently roam open grasslands where they chomp down on wild oats, which occurs mostly during the summer months. Hogs are easy to spot from a distance here, their darkish blobs contrasting starkly against the golden prairie.

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 · Coyotes in Iowa will bed down for the day. Some will be bedded down prior to Sunrise. While others will finish their night hunt or be on the move typically up to around 9-10:00 am. Few stragglers will still be on the move & then bed down, up to around 11:00am. Typically they will have a buffer area of 1/4 mile or more between themsleves & mankind.

Hogs were bedded down in the brush only feet from the water and were viewed at all hours of the day cooling in the shallow end of the water near the bedding spot. This group of hogs seemed to stray farther during the night in search of food, but by the looks of the immediate area, had turned over every dead limb and fallen tree in search of food near the bedding area.

Whitetail Beds and Bedding Areas By dr. ken nordberg The following is the another of many older articles that will appear on my website. This is article was first published in Midwest Outdoors in July of 1996. Please share what you learn from these articles with your whitetail hunting friends. A beautiful, trophy-class whitetailed-buck in its bed.

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Hogs root up acres of land, and they've been used to plow fields.. The beds are large, bowl shaped craters, most often under cover, but they can be in the open. get though the land barriers using their sensitive noses to track down the hogs.

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For this to work well, it is important to set up the roll barrel near bedding areas.. a box blind set up near a tank that borders a thicket full of wild boar bedding areas.. When it comes down to it, he is driven by food and water and he knows .

Sometimes you may see a group of hogs bed down for the day, but. You'll find that if hunting pressure does exist in one area, the hogs will go.