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 · Our bed bug dogs are trained to indicate when they have discovered a bed bug scent. Once a dog has alerted to a possible bed bug, the handler will make a visual inspection to confirm the dog’s findings. Since a bed bug dog can inspect a room in minutes and a human inspection can take hours our K9 Inspection Team can save time and money.

Non chew dog bed Why It's So Difficult to Find Chew Proof Dog Beds for Large Breed Dogs: dog beds. bully beds doesn't just promise your large breed dog's bed will stand up to the. US Certified non-hazardous foam and non-toxic hypoallergenic materials.

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For example, if a K-9 team was certified for bed bug detection, that handler and dog are not qualified to work for termite or other types of scent detection affiliations. In the event that a team fails the certification test, the dog and handler must wait a minimum of fifteen days for another evaluation.

Homeowners spend an average of $1,000-$2,500 to exterminate bed bugs. The level of infestation, the size of the space and the type of treatment will affect your price. You could pay as little as $300 for a small problem and as much as $5,000 to clear a large house.

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Early detection can lead to lower remediation costs. Peace of Mind. If bed bugs are present, we can contain them before they become established. An inspection .

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