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Six Steps to Help You Clean a Dog Bed. Step 1 – Get The Loose Dirt First. A dog bed is being vacuumed to remove dust and dirt. Vacuum the dog.

Of course, dogs' beds should be washed. Whether your dog bed can is really dependant on the bed you select. We would recommend always.

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Dog beds can be a pain to keep clean. Your dog's hair and dander will cling to his bedding, and dirt and debris from his coat and paws will.

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A good guideline to follow: wash your dog's bed once a week or once every two weeks at minimum, said Kathy Backus, DVM, Holistic Veterinary.

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Load the dog bed cover or the entire bed into a front-load washing machine and wash it in hot water to kill any insects and eggs that may be on the bed. Dogs are .

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For pet beds that do have a removable cover: unzip the bed and separate the cover from the insert. If you're washing a heavy foam insert, avoid putting it into the.

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If your dog bed cushion need washing, hand wash it with hot soapy water in your tub or a basin using a dog-friendly detergent. Begin by allowing it to soak in very .